Friday, 17 November 2017

Another Journey

Today is one of the days when I have to venture to our County City for a work meeting

Happily for me I also can pick up the slate for our hearth extension

And collect tractor parts for hubby along the way

Unhappily for me is the fact that my back decided to complain badly yesterday

It had been rumbling for a few days

Then you go to stand up and wallop


So I'm planning for a hearty helping of pain relief

And a good old hot water bottle too

Yes if needs must I will attend the meeting sans hot bot!

It won't be the first time either


It looks a little frosty outside

And when the sun comes up I'm sure it will be a beautiful day

Poor Heidi will be able to have a duvet day

But judging by the depth of her snoring last evening perhaps this will be no bad thing

She went to work with me yesterday

And for a short while became a pat dog

She was a very happy pooch


So once more unto the breach dear friends

Once more!

Blessings J. x

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Six Weeks

Edited to warn that upon reading this after publishing it, it reads remarkably similar to yesterday's offering...
Such is the delight of a remarkably busy scatty brain!
Try as I might
I haven't been able to totally block out the fact that a certain celebration is a mere six weeks come Monday away
That's quite scary really
Not only due to all the things still in my head that I wanted to make
But how fast this year has flown by
I have done nothing
Absolutely nothing
I'm still frantically sewing door curtains
Never mind the pelmets!
The youngsters are due to fly the nest on Saturday
And pick up the rest on Sunday
I will be on a mission to paint two bedrooms as soon as they're halfway down the stairs
Such a caring Mother
The rush though is so that Sonshine and his girlfriend will be more comfortable when they arrive the following Friday
And when the youngsters have to return for a couple of months when their outside walls are being rebuilt they too will benefit
Our new carpet laying date has been brought forward to next Monday
So ideally I need to have finished sloshing paint around on the stairs and landing by then
My it's going to be a hectic weekend
I will no doubt be reaching for a glass of baileys before dawn breaks on Monday morning
Blessings J. x

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Fighting Through The Mess

I will miss the youngsters when they've flown the nest

Planned for next weekend

But right now there are boxes all over our table

Piles of miscellaneous 'stuff' dotted all over the place

And quite frankly I can't be bothered to try and tidy

As it would be undone in an instant

When they have gone I need to get what was their room painted

Skirting boards on

Then we shall move into that room

Hopefully no more banging my head on a sloping ceiling

Then once our old room is empty it'll be a coat of paint

And those skirting boards on

Before moving the daybed out of the little office room

And making a welcoming guest room for when Sonshine and his girlfriend come on the Friday

That's going to be going some!

Then the spare room can also be my work room

And I will no longer be looking at folders while trying to relax of an evening


A living room that is just that

I can almost feel my toes wiggling in front of the fire

Soon we will have extended the hearth and we will be able to leave the woodburner door open if we so choose

However today I feel the need of a list

So for now

Blessings J. x

Monday, 13 November 2017

Ten Minutes

I'm all set for work

But first

Instead of rushing up and down the stairs

Generally chasing my tail

I'm sitting with a cup of tea on the sofa

The calm before the storm!

Slowly Little Winter is taking shape

Two sets of curtains are now hanging

Though the valances still need making

Priority will be given to the front door curtain

And then I can shut out the night

At least from the road side of the cottage

The lights cast a warm glow in the evenings


Though with the best will in the world it's not a working light

In fact I've relied heavily on the light cast by the sewing machine

We still have a long way to go and much hard work to get Little Winter just the way we I want it!

But it is truly home and a good place to come back to

Especially after being out at the youngesters new house

It's rather chilly at the edge of the forest

And no insulation means that Daddy will be installing the woodburner we have in storage for them at his earliest convenience

I have an inkling that both Daddy and Mummy will be doing an awful lot more than that in the months to come!

And so my precious ten minutes is up

Time to earn a crust

Blessings J. x


Friday, 10 November 2017

Thank You...It Happened


It did

Though I didn't know until coming back from work after lunch

And breathe

Late this afternoon I went out to youngest and her caveman's new project to begin cleaning with her

I'd wanted to sweep the Rayburn chimney but there's quite a bend in it and without a man it just wasn't happening

Though we might phoo phoo the state of this house

We mustn't forget that it was somebody's home

Only the relatives selling the property have left behind stuff in the loft

And the loft hatch open

So mice have been playing

Like everywhere!

And there's a big leak and muchly bulging ceilings upstairs

As I said a man is required!

Most definitely a project

Anyway thank you everyone for your good wishes

Blessings J. x

Dare I Believe

Well today should be the day

Barring any last minute delays

That finally we will own our home

Little Winter

I'm sorry little cottage that you are in such a state at the moment

But painting is still in progress

Lights have been renewed


Wood sanded

Plate rack hung


Open cupboard hung


Downstairs radiators removed

The clock hung

By men (Yes two) one to hang clock and one to say when it was level!!

Then repositioned by me! (After photo)

Holes filled

And drilled

And filled!

Furniture has been moved

Carpet for downstairs, stairs and landing measured for replacement after unfortunate accident involving rogue flying coal from the woodburner

Cooker ordered after site visit

Door man has been to measure for composite door

But little cottage you have a hobbit sized door and they do not make composite doors that vertically challenged

We're considering oak

I've fallen in love

Well who wouldn't?!

I'm trying to make the curtains

With thick interlinings

Lots of hand sewing

And then there's work

Lots of it

Both from our own business and my assessing role

Life is busy

But mostly good

I'm actually looking forward to us being 'empty nesters'

Although I've been assured that they will be popping home frequently!

Oh and a builder has been to plan for our side extension

Hopefully that will begin next February

And thus I need to get ready for work

And hope as hard as I can

(Eyes tightly screwed up kind of hope)

That the final legal proceedings go without any hitches today

Blessings J. x


Monday, 30 October 2017



This evening we have played with pumpkins

Fun...but I am still suffering from a chesty thing

It's making me tired

The painting is progressing

And a plate rack and a made by me from a drawer open cupboard were both hung up yesterday

Also the large mirror and chandelier

The makings of our home

Still lots to do but we're getting there

Wishing you all Happy Samhain Blessings

J. x